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APGI is a full-service printing publishing company in Maryland that designs, print, and publish an array of products upon request by the customer. We design and print on a timely and cost-effective basis. An added value to the customer is APGI's demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the field of graphic design, printing, and publishing.

We are the neighborhood's destination for one-stop graphic design, printing, publishing & website needs for every type of event. The future of graphic design and printing in Cheltenham, Maryland, Metropolitan and the Mid Atlantic areas, will be determined by the level of commitment we establish at Anointed Press Graphics.



Anointed Press Graphics, Inc., also known as APGI is the vision of Pastor Karen M. Presley. APGI is a black-owned, woman-owned, and Christian-based company that was formed through the spoken word and is an active member in the community and in the ministry. Anointed Press Graphics started doing business in January 2003 as a home-based business. As early as 2005, Pastor Karen began expanding the company's focus from home-based to a one-stop-shop printing company. Today, Anointed Press Graphics is committed to helping clients with web design, book publishing, and print branding.