GOD Position Me For The New Birth

GOD Position Me For The New Birth
GOD Position Me For The New Birth
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Allow Prophetess Valerie Spriggs to step into your Spiritual Labor Delivery Room and be your spiritual mid-wife.It's time that you give birth to the blessings, new health, new happiness, new career, new relationship and much, much more.

For every pain and disappointment that you are experiencing it's a trimester and it will soon be over.Just sit back, relax and take a deep breathe and wait for God to give you full instructions on when it is time to PUSH.Every time you overcome pain and obstacles that you are faced with you are beginning to dilate centimeters.Doctor JESUS is waiting for you in the recovery room when you come out, because He is the only one that can help you through it.Remember to go into your secret closet and ask Him to help you through difficult times

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