The client will deliver at his/her own expense to APGI artwork to be used in this production. The client warrants that he/she is the copyright holder of the original artwork or has obtained authorization from the copyright holder to reproduce the original artwork presented to APGI for usage. All originals, photographs, artwork used in the production of this project shall become the property of APGI until the job is complete. APGI does not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any part of the client's artwork, content and/or manuscript.


While clients are free to provide their own artwork for print, it is the client's responsibility to ensure that all artwork is designed with the appropriate bleeds and margins if the design contains borders, colors or images that will run past the edge of the final printed product.

We will notify the client if their artwork does not contain bleeds and margins prior to placing the job into production.  The client must decide if they wish to correct their artwork, proceed with printing or have APGI correct the artwork for a fee.  APGI is not responsible for errors in the final printed product, where the cleint-supplied artwork did not contain the appropriate bleeds and/or margins and the client decided to proceed with the print job.

Client-supplied artwork without the proper bleeds and margins and requiring additional processing during the production process will be assessed an additional fee, depending upon the labor required to ensure the correctness of the job.


Despite the greatest attention to color correction on the computer screen, the final output to the paper requires printing proofs to assure color quality in the final edition. However, because every printer is different, when going to press, APGI guarantees color quality at approximately 90%.
APGI will provide up to two (2) proofs as a part of the printing process. Additional revisions  made after the second proof will be assessed a $25.00 fee.  Any changes made after we go to the impose stage will be assessed an additional fee (price determined per the job).
The client will approve the final proof which shall be considered the bon-a-tirer (BAT). APGI is not responsible for errors under the following conditions: work that's printed per Customer's OK; if changes are communicated verbally; if Customer failed to return proof with corrections; if additional corrections are submitted after the proof has been returned; or if Customer instructed APGI to proceed without submission of a proof.
We cannot stress this enough:  When a customer APPROVES a proof, if there are mistakes in that proof, even if there are mistakes that the printer made, those mistakes are NOT the responsibility of the printer.  We give you a proof in order to check ALL work, yours and ours.  So please, look over your proof CAREFULLY.  We CANNOT reprint any orders if mistakes in the finished work WERE ALSO IN THE PROOF.  This policy is not unique to APGI, it is universally accepted by printers everywhere.  We want you to be happy with your project, so please, take time to look over your proof thoroughly before approving it.
By proceeding with order signoff you are verifying that the material delivered to you by Anointed Press Graphics, Inc. is correct and would like it to be printed immediately. 


The pricing for this product includes the following: typesetting/graphics, printing, scanning, paper, time and finishing of desired product used by Anointed Press Graphics.


Tax shall be assessed of 6% on all printing items. Graphic designs are excluded from tax.


All products shall be wrapped and packaged according to APGI's standard of excellence.


APGI is the sole owner of all products designed by APGI. This Agreement in no way implies any transfer of copyright or reproduction rights from the client to APGI. APGI reserves the right to use the client designs on presentations, promotional items and advertisements for APGI's marketing campaign. Client may purchase the artwork for an additional cost.


From the time that the initial proof is given to the client to review, the agreement shall not exceed past three (3) weeks or the deposit will be revoked and job cancelled due to client's delay.


The client's original artwork is insured for fire and theft while on the premises of APGI. It is not insured for workmanship or shipping. If the clients wants to insure original artwork or file when shipping to and from APGI then the client is responsible for those insurance charges either through the shipper or through their personal insurance coverage.  APGI is not responsible for clients artwork if left in the office after 30 days of final production.


Payment under contract will be made in the manner provided by law. A 50% deposit will be required at the initial request of service. APGI accepts checks, cash, Visa, Master Card, and Debit Cards. All payments are to be made payable to Anointed Press Graphics or APGI. Final payment shall be made by cash or debit/credit card only. No personal checks will be accepted on final payment, unless otherwise noted. All checks returned due to insufficient funds will be assessed $35.00, in addition to the cost plus any bank fees occurred. If for any reason you do not complete this transaction after artwork has begun, your deposit will be forfeited. Client shall be rendered a separate invoice which is incorporated by reference into this agreement. If client fails to pay on a timely basis, client will be responsible for additional expenses including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees and court cost. Also if the client fails to execute this agreement as described in the next paragraph herein, your deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.


The client may terminate this printing agreement at any time in writing. Upon receipt of written notification to terminate this agreement, APGI will delete all master images on its hard drive. Failure to execute this contract for any reason will result in the loss of your deposit and deposit is non-transferable.


APGI is not responsible for any acts beyond its control or delays in production such as acts of God, wars, embargo, fire, flood, terrorism, earthquakes etc. Also APGI is not liable or responsible for cost arising under any trademark issues.